SPA&WellnessCenter of Hotel Troya Tenerife



For our guests’ relaxation, Hotel Troya provides the ideal place to relax the body and mind and get away from all the daily stress. We have a more than 1000 m2 “Natural” SPA & Wellness Centre for unique sensations. It’s a place to re-energise for physical and mental balance.


Water Area


Disconnect and enjoy the different services we provide:


The circuit is comprised of the following:

  • A pool: you’ll get a pleasant feeling of relaxation with the pressurised jets.
  • Cold water well: the “freezing” cold water with this treatment revitalises the part of the body you wish to work on.
  • Sauna: to open up the pores and improve your joints.
  • Sanarium for fighting rheumatic and asthmatic conditions.
  • Steam bath: to help eliminate black heads and impurities.
  • Jacuzzi: recommended for fighting stress, offers a relaxing effect and is also appropriate for blood circulation and eliminating toxins.
  • Jet Hydrotherapy: a treatment with sulphur water which is recommended for bone pain and some skin disorders.
  • Vichy Hydrotherapy: quickly changing hot and cold water jets combined with the benefits of a relaxing massage.
  • Footbath: to reactivate circulation in the legs all while stimulating energy points by eliminating that feeling of heaviness.


We also have deck chairs, relaxation area and private chill our terrace for the Spa, which is great for complete peace.

Children under 16 cannot enter the Spa area.


Treatment Area


The treatment area has the best products and highly qualified personnel to enhance our guests’ health and wellbeing. At our Natural Spa, you can find 3 massage booths, 1 aesthetic booth and 1 hydrotherapy booth.
Indulge in:


  • Massages which are neuro-relaxing with aromatherapy, hot stones with aromatherapy, Ayurvedic massage, reflexology, relaxation with chocolate, gold and essential oils...
  • Facial treatments facial oxygenation, lifting, anti-anxiety...
  • Body Treatments: Algae and mud body wraps, anti-cellulite treatments, moisturising peels, chocolate wraps, weight reduction treatments...
  • Hydrotherapy: 1 hydrotherapy tub with salts and essences for aromatherapy treatment, wine therapy and mud treatment bed...


The Natural SPA Wellness Centre is completed with other services. We offer a beauty salon as well manicures and pedicures.

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Hotel Troya offers a complete fitness area, which was recently inaugurated in 2014. It has all the ideal equipment to keep fit. The gym has a multi-station machine, stationary bikes, elliptical machine, treadmill and weightlifting area so you can combine healthy living with enjoying your holiday.

You must be 16 to use the gym.



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